Due to delinquent rent and other charges, Park N Stor Self Storage is disposing of the contents in the following units. The ENTIRE contents of each unit listed below will be considered as sold effective at 8:00 a.m. FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2022


Tenant City, State, Zip Unit  BRIEF listing of contents

Market Express location – 850 S. Carbon Ave., Price, Utah

Ansted, Kenneth R. Price, UT 84501 M183 Misc electronics, household, automotive, boxes/sacks/totes

Duran, Bernadette Price, UT 84501 M176 Misc automotive, furniture, household, +/- boxes/totes/sacks

Johnson, Jessica J. Helper, UT 84526 M134 Loose clothes, misc household, electronics, boxes/sacks/totes

Robinson, Shastea E. Price, UT 84501 M138 Misc furniture items, automotive, washer/dryer, boxes/sacks

Steele, Todd c/o A Turner Helper, UT 84526 M167 Swords, misc furniture, household items, boxes/sacks/totes 

Tuttle, Joshua R. Roosevelt, UT 84066 M68 Misc furniture & household, various items

Urbanik, Timmy Price, UT 84501 M19 Misc household items, various

Oberg, Darryll Price, UT 84501 M33 Totes/boxes, misc household items, toys, electronics, furniture, baby items

South Location – 175 E. 2750 S. (Hwy. 10) Price, Utah

Bond, Trent Springville, UT 84663 S130 Various shop and misc items

Chidester, CarliAnn Price, UT 84501 S36 Clothes & household items

Jones, Travis M. Price, UT 84501 S92 Chairs/tables and misc household, various items

Murdock, Lauran A. Huntington, UT 84528 S164 Boxes misc, various household/yard items, furniture

Prigmore, Travis Price, UT 84501 S30 Misc automotive, various household items, boxes misc

Rutherford, Eric M. Price, UT 84501 S42 Boxes/sacks, various household items

Stoiber, Helen Price, UT 84501 S150 Boxes/sacks/totes, various tools, misc items

Aragon, Linda Price, UT 84501 S168 Boxes/sacks/tote, misc/various other items
c/o L Barnett

East Location – 2551 E. Highway 6, Price, Utah

Blackham, Dusty Price, UT 84501 E179 Kids bikes, misc items

Cogswell, Alyssa Price, UT 84501 E108 Washer/dryer, various furniture, misc household, bags/totes/boxes

Jones, William Wellington, UT 84542  E159 Baby bassinet, lamp, rocking stool & chair, pair of boots

Ludlow, Amy K. Wellington, UT 84542  E91 Various tools, misc household, boxes/totes/sacks 

Ochoa, Isaac Price, UT 84501 E123 Misc household items & various furniture

Parry, Hank G. Wellington, UT 84542  E1 Freezer chest, boxes/totes/bags, misc furniture & items

Weyland, Pamela E. Wellington, UT 84542  E202 Various tools, automotive, boxes/sacks misc household, misc bldg supplies

Wooden, Terri Lee Price, UT 84501 E158 Washer/dryer, misc household items, misc tools, sacks, boxes

Bunch/Larson, Wellington, UT 84542 E151 Cardboard, junk, sm motor

Published in the ETV Newspaper March 16 and March 23, 2022.

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