Emery High School Bid Package 2
975 North Center Street Castle Dale, UT 84513

Westland Construction, Inc., as Construction Manager for Emery School District, is requesting labor and material bids for the construction of the Emery High School Bid Package 2 in accordance with plans, specifications and bid documents as prepared by KMA Architects.

Proposals will be received on or before Thursday, March 17th @ 2:00 pm prevailing Mountain Time at the offices of Westland Construction, Inc. (Email & Fax Number listed below). All proposals must be submitted on the provided Bid Form found in the project manual.  

A pre-bid meeting will be held onsite on Wednesday, March 9th at 10 am.  This meeting is for all subcontractors interested in bidding the project.  This will be the only time to review onsite existing conditions.

Questions on scope of work, trade coordination and bidding should be directed to John Sheldon, Mark Petersen and Austin Kerr at Westland Construction and John Shepard at KMA Architects.

Westland Construction, Inc.
1411 West 1250 South Suite 200
Orem, Utah 84058 Phone: 801-374-6085
Fax: 801-374-6060              

KMA Architects
170 North Main Street
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Phone: 801-372-5062                    

A 5% BID SECURITY MUST BE ATTACHED FOR BIDS OVER $100,000. PLEASE SUBMIT COPY OF BID SECURITY VIA FAX OR EMAIL. Bid Security may be a bid bond made payable to the order of Westland Construction, Inc. The bid security of the accepted bidder shall be forfeited in the case of failure or refusal to enter into a contract and furnish payment and performance bonds as may be required.

Time is of the essence on this project. Refer to the Bid Documents for specific schedule and liquidated damage requirements.

Inasmuch as the Owner is a political subdivision of the State of Utah, all trades on the project must certify by affidavit, prior to commencing any work on the project, that they participate in a Status Verification System to verify the work eligibility status of its new employees in accordance with Section 63G-11-103 Utah Code Annotated.

Any award or rejection, in whole or in part, relating to this project is contingent upon budget restraints. Refer to the Bid Documents for Proposal Guidelines.

The Owner and Construction Manager reserve the right to accept or reject any and all proposals or alternates with or without cause for any reason determined in its sole subjective determination to be in the Owner’s best interest and to waive any informality in bidding.

Proposals shall be properly executed upon the Bid Form with all items filled out. The completed form shall be without deletions, alterations, or erasures. Proposal forms are available at the office of the construction manager and in the specification manual.

Before submitting a proposal, bidders shall carefully examine the plans, read the project manual, all addenda, and all other bid documents. They shall visit the site of work and shall fully inform themselves as to all existing conditions and limitations. They shall include in the proposal a sum to cover the cost of all items included in the bid documents and within the time frame stated in the bid documents. 

Securing Documents: Plans and project manual will be available to interested parties no earlier than March 3, 2022.  Plans can be viewed online at Contact Charity Lindstrom @ 801-374-6085 or to make arrangements to receive bidding documents.

Contractor’s Qualification Statement: Any bidder shall, upon request, submit a Contractor’s Qualification Statement, AIA Document A305. Failure to show a statement satisfactory to the Owner will be reason to reject the proposal as non-responsive.

Published in the ETV Newspaper March 9, 2022.

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