The applications below were filed with the Division of Water Rights. These are informal proceedings per Rule 655-6-2. Protests concerning an application must be legibly written or typed, contain the name and mailing address of the protesting party, STATE THE APPLICATION NUMBER PROTESTED, CITE REASONS FOR THE PROTEST, and REQUEST A HEARING, if desired. Also, A $15 FEE MUST BE INCLUDED FOR EACH APPLICATION PROTESTED. Protests must be filed with the Division of Water Rights on or before Jul. 2, 2024 either electronically using the Division`s on-line Protest of Application form, by hand delivery to a Division office, or by mail at PO Box 146300, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6300. Please visit or call (801)538-7240 for additional information.

91-5307 (a51729): Doug G. Degelbeck, Price River Water User`s Association propose(s) using 1 ac-ft. from groundwater (West side of Scofield Reservoir) for DOMESTIC; IRRIGATION.

Teresa Wilhelmsen, P.E.
State Engineer

Published in the ETV Newspaper June 5 and June 12, 2024.

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