NXT LVL Phone Repairs, Repairing More than Just Screens


In today’s world, it isn’t very often for people to find themselves not in front of a screen or electronic of some sort. So, what is to be done when that screen cracks, a computer goes down, or maybe a game console decides that it no longer wants to function? Call Fernando Funes, Owner and Operator of NXT LVL Phone Repairs.

Funes, originally from Saint George, grew up around electronics. Both his dad and uncle owned a small software business. Funes stated he couldn’t remember a time that he wasn’t surrounded by electronics. He recalled being around seven years old when his dad sat him down with an array of electronics and told him to take them apart and put them back together again. Then, at eight years old, his dad taught him how to solder. Funes states it didn’t stop there.

Funes spoke about helping around the store throughout the years, acting as a Customer Service Representative at the age of 12. He later moved to Salt Lake City, where he did minor repairs for family and friends. During the COVID pandemic, Funes decided to take his education a little further.

He began obtaining certifications through different tech companies, including an Apple repair certification and a three-month Android repair certification course. In 2014, Funes was introduced to Brittany, who is now his wife, a local to Carbon and Emery County. Funes stated that for a few years he made the commute back and forth, but once the pandemic hit, he decided to make a permanent move to Price.

Funes started in a small office in the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments building, which he stated made it tough when it came to business exposure. Funes said that it wasn’t until he met Roy Nikas that he was able to really start building his clientele. Funes wanted to offer special thanks to Nikas for taking a chance on him and for entrusting him enough to refer him to friends and family.

In May of 2022, Funes moved his business to Main Street in Price. He is joined by Tyler Fairbanks, who offers house calls as well as pick up and drop off of repaired items. Fairbanks repairs old game consoles, vacuums, washers and dryers, and stated “if you’re not sure and it’s electronic, just ask.”

Funes said that, as far as he knows, they are the only business in town that offers micro-soldering, which is one of their specialties. NXT LVL Phone Repairs is located at 79 West Main Street in Price and their phone number is (435) 630-6594.

For more information, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Nxtlvlphonerepairs

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