Oath of Office Administered to New Emery Superintendent


By Julie Johansen

Emery School Board President Tracy Johnson administered the oath of office to Superintendent Ryan Maughan as the board meeting began on Wednesday evening. Superintendent Maughan began his duties on July 1.

Next, business administrator Jackie Allred explained the negotiation items to the board. She announced the salary schedule for certified employees would be increased by a flat rate of $1,900 per year. The classified increase will be $.61 per hour. School lunch workers will be placed on lane changes like teachers.

Superintendent Maughan then recommended the following individuals to the board for hiring approval. Classified employees included Heather Anderson, teacher aide at Cottonwood Elementary; Anita Sitterud and Savahna Hansen, teacher aides at Canyon View; Haley Sellers, teacher aide at Book Cliff; and Kaydee Deto, Haley Rubio, Cambrie Howlett and Chantel Merrell, teacher aides at Castle Dale Elementary. Certified employees included Ashley Hawkins, math teacher at Canyon View Middle School; coach Mike Justice, boys’ basketball at Canyon View Middle School; and coach Jacob Sharp, football at Emery High School. Administration positions included Doug Mecham, Supervisor of Student Services at the district office, and Jarett Gilbert, principal for San Rafael Middle School. These positions were approved by the board.

All LEA specific licensing individual plans are moving forward within their individual differences. High school fall sport schedules for both Green River and Emery High were approved with the specification that dates will remain the same but venues are subject to change.

Superintendent Maughan reported on the Utah Rural School Association conference and congratulated Doug Johnson on his Administrator of the Year Award. He then announced several grants the district received, including early learning for pre K through third grade, two spots for Grown Your Own Teacher and an elementary counselor matching grant. Maughan also reminded the board about the early out on Fridays for all the district schools. This will mean that half day schedules on the present calendar will be changed with the exception of holidays.

A board member committee report came from Todd Huntington who recently met with the CRA (Community Reinvestment Agency). He stated that all solar companies that had applied for tax rebates were chosen by PacifiCorp. They include Green River #1 and #2, Pivot 13 and Horn Shadow. The projected income for the district in the future would be about $44,000,000.

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