Occupancy of New Emery High Draws Closer


By Julie Johansen

Trent Huntsman of Westland Construction presented some important approximate dates for occupancy of new Emery High to the Emery School Board meeting on Wednesday evening, March 13. The portable trailers now located directly west of the present building will be moved to the northwest corner of the new building during spring break. He also outlined the final touches of much of the interior rooms. Huntsman added working with the fire marshal is becoming easier and it looks favorable for a fire lane to be ready for occupancy. A move-in date in mid-June is looking probable.

During the work session, which began at 6:30 p.m., board members received their assignments for negotiation committees. Tracey Johnson and James Winn will work with the certified employees while Royd Hatt and Todd Huntington will be working with the classified committee.

Business Administrator Jackie Allred explained the annual review of school fees, fee waivers, fundraising and donation policies. An amendment to these policies by the State School Board was also presented. IT Supervisor Doug Johnson had given the board several privacy and data documents for review. These will be voted on at next month’s meeting.

The consent agenda was approved, which included the names for new hires. They are Pennie Stewart, Girls Soccer Coach, Emery High; Tresa Skinner, Girls Drill Coach, Emery High; Karl Jensen, Head Volleyball Coach, Emery High, Devan Meadows, Head Track Coach, Green River High; Kason Stilson, Baseball Assistant Coach, Emery High School;  Abbie Christiansen, Girls Soccer Assistant Coach, Emery High.

As explained by Superintendent Ryan Maughan at a previous meeting, changes in student memorials were explained. They include a moment of silence at graduation, an adorned empty chair and an honorary diploma for eleventh or twelfth grade students.

Principal Jody Carter, Huntington Elementary, addressed the board. One of her main concerns is the declining enrollment at her school. She stated that their enrollment is down by 20 students with half of them being home schooled. Principal Carter also reported that when they return to school they are academically below grade level.

This also leads to larger class size because classes are cut and teachers have about 33 students. This hurts the students in those large classes. She spoke about the robotics program being led by Jessie Ward and Tiffany Cowley, including the upper grade students. They are also running an archery program before school with about 50 students. Both programs are very successful and enjoyed by several students.

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