Odyssey Dance Theatre’s “Thriller” Returns


The Geary Events Center featured two showings of Odyssey Dance Theatre’s “Thriller” on Monday. Tickets were available to watch the show at both 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Roaming around before and after the event and during intermission were zombies cast from the USU Eastern Dance Team. They interacted with attendees, setting the ambiance for the evening.

Those that visited the Geary last year to watch “Thriller” and came back again on Monday would have seen a number of new performances to go along with the classics. As per usual, the dance theatre opened the rendition with the piece entitled “Thriller” and included many of the traditional works such as “Frankenstein & Frankenstein,” “Jason Jam,” “Children of the Corn” and “Dem Bones.”

New to this year’s act was three different aerial routines that impressed the crowd as performers showed off their strength, fearlessness, coordination and flexibility. All three were choreographed by Aeris Aerial Arts, which included pieces entitled “Siren of the Sea,” “Phantom of the Opera” and “Slitherins.”

Odyssey Dance Theatre continued to wow those in attendance with new props such as hover boards, large dinosaur costumes, light suit dances and more.

There were also local dancers that participated in the production. “Chucky-Rama” was performed by Encore Dance where Julia Tatton is the owner and artistic director with Stephanie Richards serving as an instructor. Those dancers delightfully terrifying the audience were Hadlee Carlson, Avy Davis, Hallie Frandsen, Allie Gleave, Addison Johansen, Preslee Lupo, Audyson Marasco, Hailie Nunley, Shayla Penovich, Megan Roberts, Tatum Tatton, Burcklee Brady and Elizabeth Nelson.

The night was capped off with the USU Eastern Dance team joining the Odyssey Dance Theatre in the “Thriller Finale.” The Lady Eagles are directed and coached by Brandi Taylor Johansen. It was an entertaining night for all those involved both on and off the stage.

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