Off-year elections provide plenty of reasons for Carbon and Emery residents to vote *UPDATE*


*UPDATE* Current Clawson City Mayor, Dean Allen will run unopposed this election season. Also running unopposed for the Clawson two year council seats will be Larry Gregersen and Jerry Lynn Price. Two council seats are open for four year terms. Gary L. Price and Casey Jo Reid will campaign for these Clawson council positions.

*UPDATE* – Sunnyside City candidates for mayor include Doug Parsons and Tracy L. Stratton. Candidates for the two city council openings are Nola Porter, Tony Riffle, Bruce Andrews, Harold Hornbeck, and Tom Jones.

Though it’s considered an off-year election, local residents still have plenty with which to be involved. In reality, these elections have far more impact for communities than presidential races every four years. City elections are coming up this year and candidates have filed in Carbon and Emery counties.

The sole candidate for Price City Mayor is Joe L. Piccolo. Candidates for the two city council member openings are Kathy Hanna-Smith, James W. Jewkes, and Miles Nelson.

Wellington City has two candidates for Mayor, Ben Blackburn and Joan Powell. Candidates for city council are Terry Sanslow and Kirt Tatton.

Helper City candidates for mayor include Ed Chavez and Matt Montoya. Candidates for the two city council openings are Walter Borla, Gary Harwood, Donald L. Mortensen, and Chris F. Pugliese.

East Carbon City will be to only municipality in Carbon County to hold a primary election. Primaries will be held August 13. Candidates for mayor are Cecil Dees, Barbra M. Fisher, and Barbra J. Robinett. Candidates for two city council member openings are Junior Patrick Adelvai, Philip Holt, Kris Kohler, Guy Koss, Darrell Valdez, and Karla C. Young.

In Emery County, candidates for Huntington City mayor are Hilary Gordon and Jim Greenan. Candidates for city council are Mark T. Justice, Laneea Cowley, and Becki Jorgensen.

Candidates for Castle Dale mayor are Michael Kava and Danny Van Wagoner. Candidates for and open city council seat are Jack B. Barnett, Julie Johansen, Mary Kava, and Douglas Weaver.

In Ferron, mayor candidates are Kent Larsen, Randy Fox, Larry Friis, and Trent Jackson. Candidates for the two open council seats include Clyde Conover, Vickie Shreve, Joe Trenery, Charles Edward Deto, Josh Galvez and Mike Behling. There will be a primary August 13.

Pat Brady will run unopposed for mayor of Green River. Kent Johnson, Philip Engleman, Shilisa Huges and Michael Silliman will vie and fill two open council seats.

Elmo has a mayor and two council seats open. However, only Stony Jensen has filed for the four-year council seat. Elmo City Manager Delena Fish said they can still have candidates sign a declaration as a write-in candidate, but must be done by September 6. If no one declares by then, the current council and the new council members will appoint the open spots after January 1, 2014.

The mayor race in Orangeville is the only contested position as Rodger S. Swenson will face Shaun Patrick Alton. Tom Batlzer will run unopposed for the two-year seat. Carol Larsen and Kent Wilson have filed for the two four-year seats that are open.

Emery City has incumbent mayor Mistie Christiansen running against Eric Anderson. Jon Sundstrom and Wiley Pope will vie for the two open council seats.

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