Officers Honored At Carbon County Commission Meeting


The room was packed for the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday at the county courthouse

More than 10 correction officers attended as two of their own were recognized and awarded the Medal of Valor. Sgt. Christiansen and Deputy Hreinson were overwhelmed with the response as they received their awards. The awards were presented with the story of the day when Deputy Hreinson was shot with a shotgun slug while officers were attempting to apprehend a suspect.

The Carbon County Commission convened as Carbon County Municipal Building Authority and authorized $1,250,000 in taxable lease revenue bonds for road improvements, primarily on Nine Mile Canyon Road. They also authorized $1,312,000 in bonds for fairground improvements. They then reconvened as Carbon County Board of Commissioners and authorized the lease of bonds to the Municipal Building Authority for said improvements.

A proposed Ordinance that would set Latitude and Longitude coordinate addresses was tabled as commissioners debated over whether to push for change and make new developments use the new system or to keep giving traditional addresses. The Proposed address system would not change existing addresses.

The Tourism Tax Advisory Board brought many recommendations before the commission, including advertising money for county golf courses, rock and fossil shows, and pamphlets for Nine Mile Canyon.

The next Commission meeting will be Wednesday, April 20, at 4:30 pm.

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