Old Emery Church Vandalized


By Julie Johansen

The old church in Emery was broken into and vandalized earlier this summer, probably around the middle of July. According to Emery Mayor Amy Sundstrom, around this same time, the city park was also vandalized.

The vandals seemed to be on a path of destruction, breaking chairs, throwing things into the tile on the walls, setting up the old voting booths and breaking a mannequin used in a display. The building structure itself was not damaged.

If anyone has any information or has seen anything suspicious, please contact the Emery County Sheriff’s Office or Emery Town Hall.

Emery Town has received grants to fund the restoration of the old building, including an $50,000 Eccles Foundation and A Restoration Ward from the state Utah in the amount of $199,000. At the present time, the foundation of the building is being restored before the rest of the work can begin.

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