Old Fashioned Christmas Decoration Winners Announced


News Release

The Price Community Progress Committee has selected the winners of the first annual “Price City Old Fashioned Christmas”. Judges announced at the close of the judging period of December 14 through the 18 of 2015. Awards will be given on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

Please find the following results of the contest which was based on the following criteria:

-Best use Of Theme



-Most Effective Use of Lights

-Must be Within Price City Limits


Scott and Launa Bradley, Ellen Fowles, Pam Underwood and Dave and Chris Micoz.

Thank you to the judges and the responsible Price City residents that understand the importance of taking pride in their property and understand the return of their efforts and investments to their properties and to Price City.  Price City also realizes the effort that goes into making properties appealing all year round and appreciates the holiday spirit that has been represented in so many homes this Christmas Season.

Signed: Kathy Hanna Smith, Price City Council.

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