Olson Wins JV A Mountain Bike Race


Carbon hosted 1,100 mountain bike racers over the weekend as teams from throughout the state came to compete. The races not only provided a great activity for high school students, but it also added a huge economic spike to the area.

Craig Olson maintained his lead in the JV A Division 2 with a first place finish on Saturday. Boyd Bradford finished in seventh in JV B Division 2. Nathan Engar and Colin Fausett followed closely behind in 9th and 10th. Lindsey Jespersen took ninth in JV B Girls.

Carbon took fourth in Division 3 with 1,108 points. Copper Hills took the race with 1,143 points followed by Cedar Valley with 1,137 and Mountain View with 1,110.

For a full list of results, please click here.

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