One Veteran to Take Honor Flight After Generous Local Donation


Utah Honor Flight Chairman Mike Turner thought that the USU Eastern Business Conference was just like any other event where he had presented. He took time to relay information about the program and tell first-hand stories about the people the program serves. Turner had the chance to interact with local citizens and hear their stories about the program and the country’s veterans. However, the event took a special turn when the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce presented Turned with a $1,000 check for the Utah Honor Flight program.

Turner gratefully accepted the check, which came from an accumulation of funds gathered from the conference’s sponsors. The check means a lot to Turner as it will pay for one veteran’s complete trip to visit the WWll, Vietnam and Korean memorials in Washington D.C.

“Veterans pay nothing for these trips,” the program’s website shares. “It’s our pleasure to offer our veterans this experience to travel to their memorial at no cost. Airfare, lodging, meals and ground transportation cost are covered by generous donations to the UHF program by private and corporate donors.”

Turner started the program in Utah following a personal experience with a WWll veteran. After hearing of Honor Flight and realizing there was no option for Utahans to take advantage of the program locally, Turner decided to spearhead efforts to create a program in the state.

The program has continued to grow after the first group of veterans flew out of Utah on their way to Washington D.C. Turner along with the program’s many sponsors and donors see to it that those veterans who wish to take part are able. The program handles every aspect of the trip from booking flights and hotels to providing wheelchairs and oxygen to those in need.

For more information about Utah Honor Flight, please visit Interested parties can also submit applications online to volunteer or take part in an upcoming flight.

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