Optimum Health of Utah Ready to Help From the Inside Out


Alan Gonzalez of Optimum Health of Utah was joined by his Marketing Manager to give a presentation during the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) May luncheon. They were invited as a business spotlight, and Gonzalez stated that they were very excited to be invited.

He apologized that his better half and medical mind, Darlene Gonzalez, was unable to attend. She had a slew of patients at their American Fork location that she had to care for.

Gonzalez explained that, about three years ago, they had a med spa in Arizona. The duo made the decision to move somewhere that they could be more autonomous and have a practice. When they decided to open a functional medicine and aesthetics practice, the question was raised as to what functional medicine is.

Gonzalez stated that it is a lot like practice medicine, but it is not bound by a lot of the things that regular doctors are. He said that there is a place for insurance and a place for regular, primary care practitioners, but they wished to step outside of that box and open a practice to help people from the inside out. They focus on the functional side of healthcare with hormone replacement therapy, IVs, weight management and a slew of advanced aesthetics.

The Gonzalez’s had a great number of people that came to American Fork from the Carbon County area, prompting them to open their second location in the area. They are open Fridays full-time and part-time on Thursday, though they are likely going to open a couple more days a week during the summertime.

Gonzalez stated that their focus is to help clients figure out, on the inside, how they can be helped. They want to customize everything from a functional side, all the way to an aesthetical side, especially to patients. Concluding, he said that it has been amazing to see the support they have received thus far and they appreciate everyone that has done that for them.

Optimum Health of Utah is located at 157 South Main Street in Helper and can be contacted at (801) 756-1404.

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