Orangeville City Council Awards Hardworking Youth


Photo by Dusty Butler

By Traci Bishop

The Orangeville City Council took time out of its schedule during a Thursday evening meeting to give recognition to a small group of local youngsters that recently gave back to the community.

A handful of youth were presented with monetary prizes from the council for spending some of their time this summer working on nearby beautification projects. Carter Sitterud, Zac Jones and Cooper Humphrey cleaned up some of the gutters found along Orangeville’s Main Street as part of a Cub Scout Project.

Then, Jordan Wolford and Jesse Nicholson rolled up their sleeves and took part in an Orangeville Youth City Council project by planting flowers at the cemetery. $50 were given to the ladies and $20 each went to the Cub Scouts. Sitterud, Wolford and Nicholson were present to receive the awards.

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