Orangeville City Council Considers Questions


By Julie Johansen

The Orangeville City Council met on June 9 for its regular council meeting. Mayor pro-temp Carole Larson conducted the meeting as Mayor David Robertson was excused for a family matter.

Following the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the bills, warrants and previous meeting’s minutes were approved by the council. Global Ambassador was added to the city’s donation list and a donation of $100 to the program was approved.

A former city employee then requested that the city purchase shelving that he had previously placed in the city shop. The council decided to ask him to remove his items from the shop and return the key to the city. The council stated that the city is not interested in purchasing any materials the former employee had left there.

A public hearing was then held on the budget and discussion about pay raises for permanent employees and raising water fees, but the item was tabled for the June 14 meeting. This meeting was scheduled to review and adopt the budget.

Next, city surplus equipment bids were opened. Only one bid met the minimum bid allowed, which was a bid for $550 on a Chevy S-10 pickup. The council decided to call a demolition company for the remaining items.

Council members then began their reports. An earlier meeting had reviewed the plans for Orangeville Days. A part-time summer employee will be helping with Orangeville Days, working around his band practice schedule.

There was then an update on the Orangeville Youth City Council. The council has its barbecue on June 14. Next, the members will begin painting a drawing by Alisha Hughes on the city park restrooms on June 23.

Next, a query to the council about how many shares of water are required to use the secondary water line for irrigation was discussed. It was determined that more information was necessary to provide an answer.

Also during the meeting, Juneteenth was approved as a national holiday for Orangeville City.

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