Youth Council Speaks at Orangeville City Council Meeting


By Julie Johansen

Four members of the youth city council reported on their day at the legislature at a recent Orangeville City County meeting. They were given a tour of the capitol by Senator David Hinkins. Senator Hinkins asked them about the challenges of Orangeville and discussed funding for special groups.

A motion to open a public hearing on the budget was entertained. There were no public comments, but the recorder reported that an excess in general funds needed to be transferred to capital project funds in order to be in compliance with the state auditor. A motion was made to make the transfer. It was passed unanimously.

Kent Wilson from Emery County Sanitation explained the need to raise the garbage collection fee as of March 1 as the county has begun to charge a tippage fee for garbage that goes to the county landfill. The recommendation from the council was that anyone over the age of 75 be exempt from the increased cost if a request was made to the city in writing. The resolution passed.

Another item of discussion, that had been pending for sometime, was burial fees for city employees. The approved motion stated that if someone has given 20 years of service to the city, mayor, councilperson, volunteers, or city employees, they would receive a 50% discount. Eligibility was to be determined by the city recorder

A gift of appreciation was presented to Tom Baltzer for his years of service on the city council. 

Zoning administrator Allen Childs presented a draft design for new fencing at the cemetery for consideration of the council. The city recorder then cautioned the council members to be careful with expenditures as expenses were coming in faster than revenues.

Councilman Stilson reported that Senator Hinkins is helping to find a grant to finance coin-operated showers and restroom facilities at the Welcome Park.

A request for a donation from the community theatre was made and a $100 donation was granted.

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