Orangeville City Council Visited by the Youth City Council


The Orangeville City Council invited Grace Humphrey to their meeting on Thursday evening to honor her for her many years as an employee of the city. Though Humphrey could not attend the meeting, the council had prepared a bouquet of flowers that will be delivered to her. Humphrey retired from her position in 2019.

Following this, the Orangeville Youth City Council gave a presentation. They spoke on attending a play pertaining to mental health recently. There was a focus on the assumption with mental health that it always leads to suicide, though there are many others ways to manage it.

Also, while in attendance at Girls’ State, members of the council received a tour of the capital. One representative of the Youth City Council stated that her favorite part of Girls’ State this year was a discussion on women’s suffrage.

Those in attendance at the discussion were presented with a card that featured the women throughout Utah involved with women’s suffrage. Following this, Mayor Roger Swenson stated that he appreciates the women that are a part of the Youth City Council.

“In my experience, in front of every man is a good woman,” Mayor Swenson stated.

Swenson continued by expressing that he believed that men should change their viewpoint pertaining to women in general, because he sees women leading everywhere and he is doing his best to catch up with them.

“That’s what makes the world go round: women,” Mayor Swenson concluded.

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