Orangeville City Establishes a CRA to Aid Local Businesses


By Julie Johansen

Orangeville City began its monthly council meeting on Thursday with Stuart Clayson and Jade Powell attending virtually. The pair is helping the council establish a Community Reinvestment Agency (CRA). This is required by state statute to help analyze economic development within the city.

The city council will act as the agency board as they consider two cost reimbursement agreements with entities wanting tax incentives. These include Food Ranch and Shawn Fleming’s LLC, RV park.

As the regular meeting began, Tyson Dulude requested a contribution from the city to help him attend Boys’ State in June 2022. The council approved a $100 donation. He then volunteered to work for the city to earn the remainder of his $400 tuition. The council asked him to give his information to the city recorder with plans that he could help them at the cemetery this summer.

The next item on the agenda was Food Ranch owner Dane Behling asking for another business license so that he can establish a slaughterhouse at Food Ranch. He remarked that it would provide four additional jobs. His desire is to use his own finished beef, which would be 30% cheaper than other stores. Behling also mentioned plans to turn the vacant lot east of the store into a pumpkin patch. He is deeming the business Food Ranch Farms.

A motion to purchase meter reading monitor and software was also discussed. The council was then advised that these would also read the secondary water meters that the state has mandated be in place within the next few years. The total cost would be $18,000 and the motion passed unanimously.

It was then announced that the Orangeville City Planning and Zoning Board has been working with the city lawyer to establish a new short-term rental ordinance. Councilwoman Larsen stated that this new ordinance with a new set of rules would help to maintain the integrity of the city. The council was in agreement.

Vehicle surplus was next on the agenda. There was discussion on whether to simply get rid of the surplus vehicles or try to sell them. This item was tabled to get a full list of vehicles and their conditions.

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