Orangeville Council Tends to City Business


By Julie Johansen

During last week’s Orangeville City Council meeting, councilwoman Carol Stilson reported on the youth city council’s day at the Legislature. She spoke about the opportunity to work with a social media bill and actually go through the process, including a mock vote. This seemed to be the highlight of the trip for the youth council.

Although none of the youth council were present at the meeting because of work and school obligations, they will report to the city council during next month’s meeting.

Next on the agenda was a presentation by Living Local. This was done virtually, demonstrating all the programs included in the app. Following the presentation, Mayor David Robertson asked city recorder Tasha Jewkes to research it further and then update the council.

Terry Bennett, a MECCA Bike Club representative, next requested a donation for the upcoming LaMar Guymon Memorial Bike Festival. This event is scheduled for April 28-30 and will be hosted by the Buckhorn RV Park in Huntington.

Bennett explained three levels of donations, including gold ($350), silver ($250) and bronze ($100). The council told her that they would have to add the club to the donation list at next month’s meeting and would then donate $100. She thanked Orangeville City and assured them that the money would be used for promoting the event.

The council then directed their attention to the purchase of a snow guard for the city’s snowplow as well as the repair of the snowplow. Councilman Kirk McQuivey advised this is for the safety of the operator and the scraping ability of the plow. He added the stem is bent and so the blade does not plow level. The council gave unanimous approval.

The repair of the front door to the Orangeville City Hall office was the next consideration for the council. The council voted to accept the bid of $1,055.83 and get the door fixed as soon as possible.

Carolyn Marsing, the city treasurer, then requested a vacation time payout or time off. When adjusting fiscal year pay with actual calendar time, 44 of her vacation hours were lost. The council asked her to use what time she needs between now and July 1. Whatever time is left will then be reimbursed.

During staff reports, fireman Nathan Moss reported on a training he attended on extricating victims from electric cars. He said that electric cars are extremely dangerous, much more than gas vehicles, because of the batteries and the fact that everything is in a different place in the car. He also learned about the use of drones for first responders, which is especially useful in the Swell. The mayor and council thanked Moss for his service to the community.

Next, councilwoman Carole Larsen reported on various planning and zoning projects in Orangeville. Councilwoman Carol Stilson also reported on service activities that the youth city council is working on, including a Valentine’s Day project that delivered hearts to widows and widowers in Orangeville City. The youth are also planning the city’s Easter egg hunt on March 31 as well as their involvement in Orangeville Days in July.

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