*UPDATE* Orangeville Fire Causes Concern



Units were dispatched from Orangeville at 1:10 pm on Wednesday to 220 S 200 where a property owner had started a fire in a burn barrel. The wind picked up and blew sparks from the burn barrel into the field behind the resident’s home.

Orangeville Fire Department responded with four trucks and five people, Castle Dale responded with three trucks and five people, Huntington responded with two trucks and four people and Ferron responded with two trucks and five people. An ambulance was called in as well as a precaution.

It was reported at 2:37 that the main fire was out. The fire departments stayed in the area to control any hot spots.

It was an unfortunate accident but there will be no fines. The property owner started the fire in the burn barrel within the burn window, which began on March 1.

“The good thing about it is we got it stopped before it hit any homes or someone got hurt,” Orangeville Fire Chief Tracy Addley said.

Addley thanked the Orangeville Fire Department for their efforts in getting the fire under control and also offered his thanks to the other responding fire departments and deputies who assisted.


A fire sparked fear into homeowners in Orangeville early Wednesday afternoon.

The fire started in a field near 200 South and 200 W and got within a number of homes in the area. Fire departments from throughout Emery County were called to assist in extinguishing the fire. With limited access to the burning fields, fences were cut and brush trucks were brought in.

“Luckily, it is in an open area,” said an Orangeville resident.

With crews surrounding the fire, they were able to get it under control and keep it from reaching homes.


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