Orangeville Town Adopts Community Covenant to “Honor and Celebrate Military Men and Women.”


Orangeville Town Council Members met Thursday night to discuss various resolutions and ordinances.

Ethan Migliori, who is running for Emery County Commissioner, was there to address the council.

“I am grateful you are giving me a little bit of your time when you have a full agenda,” said Migliori.

The council discussed appointing a chairperson to the Community Covenant Committee, and Carole Larsen was appointed.

The council also approved the adoption and support of Orangeville’s Community Covenant to “honor and celebrate the military men and women of Orangeville City and their families, and all military men and women and their families who have served or are presently serving in the military and thereby courageously support and defend our country and Orangeville City.”

Also discussed in the meeting was the subject of converting flood irrigation to sprinkling for all agricultural users.

“Best to give at least till next season,” said Councilman Mark Tuttle.   It is for irrigating in the town from the secondary water system and has nothing to do with anyone outside of the district. The council decided to have this resolved by October 1, 2013.

At the end of the meeting they talked briefly about their upcoming Orangeville Days and Mayor Jones stated, “We need to get the message around that the celebration is coming.” Councilman Tuttle also shared his input as well, “Orangeville Days is looking pretty good.”

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