Outlaws Descend on Green River


By Robin Hunt

Green River City hosted its second annual Outlaw Days over the weekend. Outlaw Days celebrates the history and heritage of the rural town of Green River through various group activities, including a country music concert, shooting competitions, a horseshoe tournament and more.

Despite the persistent wind, 91 people attended the event. Scarves were tied to keep cowboy hats on and more than one stray bullet was blamed on the gusts, but there were smiles all around. 

On Saturday evening, prime rib was served along with live music provided by the Honky Tonk Heroes. Names were then drawn for prizes, which included Green River City Hydro Flasks, AXIL hearing protection, a ⅛ scale hand crafted, a decorative saddle and more. Many words of appreciation were given to Green River City and other event sponsors. 

Everyone who attended the event had their temperature checked while social distancing was implemented to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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