Over 400 crowd Castle Heights Elementary to Support Katelyn Sanderson


Over 400 people packed into Castle Heights Elementary School on Wednesday night in support of Katelynn Sanderson and her family.

The first grader was born with severe heart disease and scoliosis. In February of this year she traveled with her family to the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital for critical surgery that could not be performed at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Slat Lake City.

The outcome of the surgery has not been as positive as the family was anticipating, but it still holding out hope.

Medical bills have piled up for the family so Castle Heights Elementary, Early Intervention and the Southeastern Health Department hosted a Chili Dog Dinner at the school. Entertainment was provided by her classmates and several other classes.

Over $7500 was raised during the event. Raffle tickets are still available at Castle Heights Elementary until March 27.

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