Over 70 Cal Ripken Teams Projected to Highlight Championship Tourney in Price


After trying for the last four years, Price was recently named as the host city for the Cal Ripken Southern Utah All-Star Tournament, which will take place June 26 to July 1.

“We’re excited to show Carbon County what an all-star tournament is all about,” tournament director Jill Emerson said.

“We are expecting over 70 teams,” Emerson said, estimating over 3,000 individuals coming to the area for the tournament, a projected 1,100 of which include players.

In addition to teams across the state, eight local teams will be competing in the tourney.

The tournament will kick off on Monday, June 26 with pool play reaching into Tuesday.

“We are everywhere,” Emerson said, mentioning how matches will be played in Helper, South Price, the Carbon County Fairgrounds, the Atwood Ball Complex and possibly even Wellington.

After pool play is finished, tournament play will start on Wednesday and continue into Saturday.

“I think it’s going to be a great revenue booster for our community,” Emerson said, hoping that businesses in the area will take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on the event and plan ahead.

“This is who it’s going to benefit,” the director said referencing Carbon County businesses.

Check back with ETV 10 News for more information about the tournament as it is forthcoming as well as a pending broadcast schedule.

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