Overnight Storms Cause Flooding in Castle Country


Storms on Wednesday evening and into Thursday have caused flooding in the Castle Country area according to local authorities.

“There is water flooding every wash in the county,” Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood reported.

Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes said there have already been some reports of flooded homes in Carbon County, while Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported homes flooded throughout his county. For those needing sandbags, there are some available at the Domes in Price, the Carbon County Road Department located on Airport Road and the Emery County Sheriff’s Office. Residents are advised to call authorities for assistance if their home has already flooded. If a home is in danger of flooding, residents are advised to obtain sandbags for preventive measures.

Wood and Barnes both advised residents to be cautious while driving as a car has already become stuck in the Spring Glen underpass. Flooding is also prevalent on 800 North in Price, at the east interchange by Liberty Estates as well as 2nd North and Center in Castle Dale.

“Don’t challenge the water because you won’t win,” Barnes said.

A rock slide was also reported in northeast Helper City according to police chief Trent Anderson. While the slide involved a vast amount of large rocks and mud, no structures were damaged as a result. Anderson also said no injuries have been reported and the train tracks are clear.

Rain is expected to continue throughout Thursday and into Friday morning. A flash flood warning has been put into place until 3 a.m. Friday morning.

See below for a video of the rock slide in Helper and photos from flooding throughout Carbon and Emery counties.

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