Paintball Area Proposed in Carbon County


During their Wednesday evening meeting, the Carbon County Commissioners tackled the discussion and possible approval of a designated paintball area at the county fairgrounds.

Megan Marshall was joined by Clinton Broadhead to speak with the commissioners about this possibility. She stated that they had previously sent over a copy of the proposal and were working with the commissioners as well as Carbon County Recreation to find a great spot to cordon off for a public paintball field. The field would have a minimal cost and they were simply asking for signage to put up on the structure, with the proposal showing what would be ideal.

The area is a grassy area with some dirt terrain to the side for future expansion possibilities. Marshall stated that it is close enough for parking and far enough that individuals should not be accidentally struck. The space will be open for public to play with no possibility for reservations or employee assistance.

Marshall stated that they were also requesting for permission to erect the donated obstacles and bunkers for the course as well and expressed that the area was a perfect spot. She also informed the commissioners that she has had a lot of community support and many are excited to have it in the area.

Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner questioned how the county would not be held liable for the field, to which Marshall responded that it would be the same as the community practicing with their bikes on the track or playing in the ball fields.

Commissioner Casey Hopes remarked that the structure in question would need to be reviewed for safety hazards before use. It was also questioned who would improve or clean the area if it fell into disrepair or was not utilized in the way that they wished, to which Marshall and Broadhead assured them they would be responsible as they were the ones with the proposal.

Commissioner Larry Jensen questioned whether the area that was south of the ball field and north of the fishing pond would not be a more ideal area for the field while Commission Chair Tony Martines assured the duo that they were not opposed to the idea, but needed to find the right spot for it to be safe and fun for all. Commissioner Jensen stated it might be wise for the county to assist in making a spot work.

Commissioner Hopes also voiced the fact that none of the proposed areas in question had a restroom facility nearby and said that it would be a need to have at least an outhouse available for use. It was agreed that the location and law coverage were worth looking into before anything was set in stone. Commissioner Jensen then made the motioned to approve the proposal pending insurance and location details, which was passed.

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