Painting by Well-Known Helper Artist to Remain in Las Vegas


Pictured left to right: Tony Basso, Spinuzzi, and Helper artists Williams and David Johnsen.

Thomas Elmo Williams, a well-known Helper artist, recently visited Las Vegas to present gaming legend Joe Spinuzzi with his painting of the historic Las Vegas casino The Boulder Club.

Beginning with his first job at the Pioneer Club, Spinuzzi then moved on to running Sands and The Desert Inn. He transitioned also to the Golden Nugget, Mirage and Bellagio. This painting is significant to Spinuzzi due to owning 25% of the Boulder Club in the 1950s.

Spinuzzi has been credited as one the most connected men in Las Vegas and has been in the gaming business since he was at the young age of 20. Today, Spinuzz is 90 years old and has not slowed down.

Williams’ painting was a gift from Tony Basso, who is Spinuzzi’s long-time friend and “adopted son.” Today, Spinuzzi can be found at the Cosmopolitan, where the painting was presented to him recently. The painting is a piece of Helper history that will remain in Las Vegas.


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