Panthers Fend off Raiders


ETV News Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

Whitehorse showed up in Price on Friday night for a region matchup against Pinnacle. The Panthers were prepared and ready for the invasion as they battled the Raiders. They gained a slight advantage over the visitors and then pushed the lead to five, 36-31, by half.

It was a back-and-forth game the rest of the way as the two teams battled it out on the hardwood. The Panthers received help from several players, including three that reached double figures. Jonathan Kessler scored 20 points while Dominick Vigil (Fr.) added 14 and Ryker Howell added 10. In fact, Vigil recorded his first double-double of his young career, compiling 11 rebounds.

Fellow freshman Brody Howell also pulled down 11 rebounds in the contest. Kessler was scary close to a triple-double, tallying eight rebounds and eight assists to go along with his 20 points. Pinnacle held off Whitehorse 63-58 for the big win.

The final week of the regular season has arrived with the Panthers (15-6, 5-1) playing at Green River (9-13, 2-5) on Tuesday. They will then host Monticello (9-8, 6-0) on Friday in the season finale.

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