Panthers Full of Returners


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

The Panthers bring back a number of players from last year as they prepare for the upcoming golf season. “I have quite a few returning, so that’s always nice,” head coach Heidi Kay commented.

What might be even more surprising is of those six returners, only one is a senior, meaning that Pinnacle is still a young team. The Panthers plan on rostering enough to fill both the boys’ and girls’ teams, which allows them to compete as a team in region and at state.

In addition to the volume of athletes, Coach Kay is excited about their attitudes and approach to the game. “The students want to do well. They enjoy golf and are looking forward to it.” Kay continued, “You know, you can have a better game if you’re enjoying it and wanting to do it. [Along with that,] I have a lot of kids that are willing to learn, a lot of kids that are willing to adapt and make changes in the way they are playing.”

As with every team, there are always areas of improvement. “Our short game struggled a little bit last year, so I’d like to see us get a little bit better at that,” said Kay. “Overall, just improve on our scores from last year, that’s our goal.”

The Panthers are itching for the season to start. They enjoy golfing on their home course at the Carbon Country Club and the course in Green River. They are also looking forward to trying out Glendale, which is where state will be held this year.

“We’re just excited to play,” concluded Kay.

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