Panthers Take Victory in Final Seconds


ETV10 News stock photo

The Pinnacle Boy’s Basketball Team faced off against Intermountain Christian School (ICS) on Friday. The Panthers fought the visiting team through all four quarters in a game that came down to the final seconds. With 15 seconds left on the clock at the last quarter, ICS sunk a three-point shot to tie the game with the clock left at three seconds.

On the inbound, Pinnacle team member Noah Mascarenas caught the ball at approximately 35 feet away from the basket. After a fake shot, Mascaernas landed a three-point shot for a finish and victory that had the audience on their feet and storming the court.

Several team members contributed to the victory including Mascarenas who, besides the final three-point shot, boasted nine points, four assists and four steals. Jon Giddings finished the night with a total of 20 points and six rebounds. Val Acosta notched five rebounds, five assists and five points. Kaden Daughters finished with nine rebounds and seven assists and Brandon Otto came in with eight rebounds at the end of the match.

The Panthers’ next four games will be on the road, the first of which will be against Altamont on Wednesday.

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