Paraplegic Visits Emery High School, Offers Life Advice


After a terrible car accident in 1991, Tyler Wilkinson was paralyzed from the neck down. He spent most of his senior year of high school in LDS Hospital were heВ receivedВ intensive physical therapy in an effort to get any feeling back into his limbs. At Dixie High School in St. George, UT, Wilkinson was an all-state football player twice, a state wrestling champion and second team all-state in baseball. After graduating from Southern Utah University with a degree in Business Administration and marrying his high school sweetheart Jennifer Orton (with whom he now has five children), he started a whole new chapter in his life.

After living his whole life as a very active person, being confined to a wheelchair was a whole new experience for Wilkinson. In dealing with his condition, Wilkinson travels around to different places such as conferences and schools and speaks about his condition and how to overcome obstacles.

Emery High School invited Wilkinson to speak to the student body on Tuesday. After rolling up on stage and speaking to the students about some of the difficulties he faces, he warmed the crowed up easily with his sense of humor and stories. Along with every story he told, Wilkinson could relate to everyone, not just those who have physical disabilities.

“The accident and experience taught me one thing’s for sure — that this life can be challenging for everyone at some point, and that’s not the question,” he said. “The question is how are we going to deal with our challenges. That is what really defines us or determines the kind of person we become.”

Tyler said that he has lived a very full life. Although there has been some ups and downs, he has been able to look past everything that was thrown at him and see what really matters most.

Tyler Wilkinson had a movie made about him titled:В Tyler Wilkinson: A Real Hero. You can see that here:

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