Parkdale Health and Rehab Achieves High Honors


Parkdale Health and Rehab is more than a nursing home. It is a facility that provides skilled nursing, therapy services and rehabilitation to it’s residents.

Recently, Parkdale was ranked in the top nine percent of nursing homes across the country and fifth in the state of Utah. These rankings were based upon data gathered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an organization that oversees federal Medicare programs.

According to CMS guidelines, Parkdale Health and Rehab provided quality care to it’s long term residents in several fields. Some of these fields included wound care, pain management, vaccination and infection control. Based on these guidelines, HealthInsight, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care ranked Parkdale among the best skilled nursing facilities.

“We had no idea that we even reached this ranking,” explained Parkdale Administrator, David Funk. “HealthInsight notified us about the honor. We accomplished this by providing the best service possible to our residents, not by competing for a ranking.”

Funk took on the role of administrator last December and has implemented many changes to the nursing facility. “Obviously, the building is getting an entire makeover,” Funk explained. “We are also working on making our facility a fun place to be.”

Residents and staff have enjoyed several activities over the past several months. Parkdale has hosted several events for residents including pie throwing contests and scooter races. Many more activities are currently in the works. “It’s been great seeing the interaction between staff and residents during these events,” stated Funk.

One thing that will remain the same at Parkdale is the care. According to a recent newsletter provided by Funk, Parkdale’s nursing and rehabilitation teams work toward specific goals of achieving the resident’s highest functional level of independence.

By providing quality service and maintaining residents health, Parkdale earned high ranking honors from HealthInsight as well as from the patients they serve.

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