Partnership Agreement Approved for Visitor Kiosks in Carbon County


Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman visited the Carbon County Commission during their meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss the tourism kiosk partnership agreement.

Mayor Peterman was joined by Commissioner Casey Hopes to explain the agreement. This comes from the Tourism Tax Advisory Board and important items in the cost sharing programs were described. Mayor Peterman explained that the agreement was being presented at a 70/30 split and they were open to amendment, consideration and more regarding that split.

Commissioner Hopes stated that, as the board went out and approached some of the possible locations, most were comfortable with either a 60/40 split or a 50/50 split. The businesses and locations most approached were the ones that were considered entrances into the community. Commissioner Hopes then recommended the 60/40 split.

Through this split, wherever the kiosk was located, the business would pay 40% and the county would then cover 60%. The county would be part owner of each kiosk and each business would assist in watching over and taking care of it, while the county would conduct the general maintenance.

It was explained by Commissioner Hopes and Mayor Peterman that the main goal with the kiosks is to capture a portion of the thousands of visitors that drive past and show them the many opportunities that Carbon County has for recreation, history and more.

“We’re not on the map with a lot of our attractions,” stated Commissioner Hopes.

It was then detailed how there will be maps on the kiosks with highlights of the attractions that are within the county. The map will reference to the county website in order for those that are perusing the kiosk to be able to gather further information on attractions, trails and other locations that have successfully gained their attention.

“We wanted it to be eye-catching,” said Mayor Peterman.

Mayor Peterman then explained that they wish to phase in the kiosks, beginning with about five to get a sense of how they are working. The partnership agreement, with the 60/40 split, was then approved.

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