PCPD Urges Caution Regarding Fraudulent Calls


On Wednesday afternoon, the Price City Police Department (PCPD) reported that they have received numerous complaints regarding fraudulent phone calls. Most of the calls are being directed to local businesses from an individual stating they are Sgt. Winder with the PCPD.

This individual is requesting personal information and/or money. The PCPD stated that they do not have a sergeant or an officer by the name of Winder. Furthermore, the police department outlined a number of issues they will never call a citizen regarding.

Price Police will never call regarding missing jury duty and requesting monetary compensation. They will also never call in regard to a warrant for arrest, again asking for money to prevent a warrant being issued. Personal information will not be requested by phone, unless the individual is already aware about it.

“Hang up on these people, block their numbers and don’t give out any personal information,” shared the PCPD. “If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through dispatch or our office.”

Dispatch may be contacted at (435) 637-0890 while the Price City Police Department may be reached at (435) 636-3190.

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