Peach Days Pageant for Little Miss, Junior Miss and Miss Peach Blossom 2015


Family, friends and the community gathered Friday evening for the Little Miss, Junior Miss and Miss Peach Blossom pageant hosted at the Emery High School auditorium.

Six girls competed for Little Miss, six for Junior Miss and five competed to be known as Miss Peach Blossom. Each girl competed in two portions, the talent and evening gown portion. They amazed the judges with their talents and stunned them with their beautiful evening gown attire.

The audience enjoyed performances from Tylie Skinner, Abby Willson, Tyleigh Jenson, Mckinlee Duncan and Shelbee Murdoch, the former Peach Blossom Royalty. Also, the community had the opportunity to watch and listen to Miss Utah play her talent piano piece that she will perform at Miss USA.

As the night came to an end and scores were tallied, they were ready to announce the new Peach Blossom Royalty. The new Little Miss Queen is Violet Rachelle Cook, who performed a dance as her talent. The princess are Brindlayn Grange, Myla Blackham, Kennedi Hunt, Brylee Sorensen and Breezy Sorensen.

Junior Miss Peach Blossom Queen is Laycee Winn, who performed a dance as her talent. Princesses Charlotte Hunt, Sarah Snow, Emalee Anderson, Tandy Bennet and Kaselynn Nelson were also recognized for their performance.

Lastly, the Miss Peach Blossom Queen is Elyza Mikell Taylor, who wowed the judges with her piano piece for her talent. Princesses were recognized as Saylor Jackson, Teyah Sorensen, Mckynlee Gordon and Kalle Cook.

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