Pep Assembly Excites Carbon High Students and Staff


Early Friday morning, students of Carbon High School attended a special assembly: the homecoming pep assembly. This assembly was designated to get the students rallied for the homecoming game against rival Emery High.  

This assembly featured three-legged races by teachers, a human tennis ball and a blindfold make-up contest. Prizes were given to the winners of each competition. The winner of the human tennis game won remote control cars while the winners of the make-up contest were Allison Olson and Casey Shiner.

The assembly included a race with Mr. Huntsman and Mrs. Anderson on mopeds. There were also special performances by the cheer and drill teams. The seniors of cheer, drill and football also got the chance to destroy an E that they had constructed. Toward the end of the event, principal Bruce Bean was given the honor of a blue beard.  

The assembly was sponsored by Price Auto Group and announced by Keith Mason. 


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