PERKIE Travels Receives Funds from Carbon County


PERKIE Travels is the long-standing program that is offered to residents of Carbon and Emery counties that have cancer and are in need of radiation treatments upstate.

These treatments have residents in Utah Valley often, many times five days per week for six weeks to receive treatment due to radiation treatments not being available locally. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Active Re-Entry has been unable to host the annual fundraising events that support PERKIE Travels.

Upon learning this, the Association of Local Government’s Julie Walker recommended the director of Active Re-Entry approach Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen, who provided instructions on how to request funding from the county.

From there, a formal request was made by the director for any funding that may be available, regardless of the amount. On Dec. 14, 2020, Active Re-Entry was notified that the program would receive a $10,000 donation that will be used in support of PERKIE Travels.

“The Active Re-Entry Director, employees and the Board of Directors would like to thank Carbon County, Carbon County Commissioner Larry Jensen and Julie Walker for their kindness and contribution to PERKIE Travels. Their generosity will be used to help so many,” shared Active Re-Entry.

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