‘Person of Interest’ Sought in East Carbon Stabbing

Leo Maestas, 42, of East Carbon is being sought by East Carbon Police as a “person of interest” in the aggravated assault of East Carbon resident Roy Collins, 61.

According to East Carbon Police Chief Sam Leonard, Maestas allegedly stabbed Collins several times, wounding him in the arm, leg and face, as well as hitting the older man with his own gun.

Maestas left the scene, and police are currently trying to contact him in order to find out more about what happened. “We’re only getting one side of the story at this point,” Leonard said.

The incident occurred at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, when Collins allegedly allowed Maestas into his home.

Leonard revealed the two “have had problems in the past,” including being involved in an aggravated assault case more than two years ago, with Maestas being the victim. No charges were filed in that incident because “the county attorney believed that it was a self defense situation,” Leonard said.

The Police Chief could not give any explanation for the incident because of the lack of information from Maestas, and said calling the motive “revenge” would be speculative.

Collins is recovering after being transported to the hospital, released, and returning after experiencing problems.

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