Pet of the Week | Apollo


Apollo is the most adorable little clown! He has the playfulness and curiosity of a kitten, with the house manners of an adult!

Apollo was born into the rescue and has been with us for almost two years. As a kitten, while his siblings were finding new homes, Apollo had to be held back due to a mystery illness that was affecting his eyes. After ruling out other ailments, our vet believed Apollo was infected with feline Chlamydia. Apollo was put on a strict lengthy treatment plan. He handled it so well!Apollo has been finished with his treatment for a few months now, and his symptoms have not come back. Our hard work and Apollo’s unending patience has finally paid off and he is now ready for his forever home!

Apollo does act shy when getting into a new home, but quickly comes back to his goofy self. He’s extremely playful and forever curious, but does also like cuddles, and can never get enough pets. He gets along with everything, though slow introductions are needed. His playful nature would do best with another playful cat. Apollo does not know the meaning of personal space, so other cat-friendly animals are a must. He would be okay in a house by himself as long as his human gives him plenty of attention and play. He’s been around children, puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, and has done well with all.

Adopt Apollo today for years of entertainment and cuddles!

For more information, please contact Carbon Cat Rescue at (435) 610-2097

or on Facebook.

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