Pet of the Week | Chase


Chase is a big boy who creates even bigger bonds with his people. He would be considered a very needy cat, but in the best way! His favorite activity is cuddling in bed with you under the blankets. He loves being held, cuddled, and treated like a baby. Chase is prone to urinary blockages, but with the correct food, this shouldn’t be an issue. He also has problems with anxiety and would do best in a home that can give him a lot of attention and reassurance.

Because of his anxiety, Chase takes a little longer than most cats to decompress and feel comfortable in a new home, but once he does, he becomes the sweetest boy! Chase would prefer a house with adults only but will do okay with children if allowed the appropriate time to decompress, to become his friendliest self. He is okay with dogs once he feels comfortable in the home. Chase would prefer to be an only cat but will do okay living with one or two others as long as he’s given plenty of space and enough one-on-one attention from his people.

Personality traits
Loving, cuddly, needy, velcro kitty, vocal, Family oriented

For more information, please contact Carbon Cat Rescue at (435) 820-2704 or on Facebook. 

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