Pet of the Week | Wednesday


Wednesday fits her namesake so very well! She’s affectionate and loving- just in her own special aggressive way! She loves attention, and often likes to be the center of attention, but makes it very clear when she’s done getting loves. She may do alright with cat savvy kids, but would do best in an adult home, as she likes to use her teeth and claws often. She doesn’t like other cats, but tolerates them if they give her space. She is a bully with small dogs, but may be alright with larger ones. She’s mouthy when she’s angry, and mouthy when she’s happy, so her new family must cherish a violent love language! If you can have patience with her sassy behavior, Wednesday is sure to be an excellent member of the family!

For more information, please contact Carbon Cat Rescue at (435) 820-2704 or on Facebook. 

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