Pheasants Still Being Released


It’s not too late to get out and have a great pheasant hunt. Pheasants are still being released across the state.

DWR Press Release

Still plenty of time to hunt pheasants

Plenty of days are still available to hunt pheasants in Utah. And thousands of birds are still being released.

Utah’s pheasant hunt runs until Dec. 4 on state and federal land across Utah. And private land enrolled in the state’s Walk-In Access program will also remain open to pheasant hunting until Dec. 4.

To ensure plenty of birds are available to hunt, hundreds of pheasants will be released on Thursdays or Fridays, just in time for hunters heading out for the weekend.

The one exception is the week of Thanksgiving. That week, birds will be released early in the week so plenty of pheasants will be available to pursue over the Thanksgiving holiday.

You can see where the birds will be released, and how to get to those areas, by looking at an interactive, online map. The map is available in the Upland game releases section at

Releasing birds

Division of Wildlife Resources biologists and members of sportsmen’s organizations will release the birds on state wildlife management areas, state waterfowl management areas and Walk-In Access areas that have habitat for pheasants. You can learn more about Utah’s Walk-in Access areas at

Jason Robinson, upland game coordinator for the DWR, says releasing thousands of birds should keep hunting good right up to the end of the hunt. “If you haven’t made it out yet,” he says, “plan on getting out before the season ends. Plenty of pheasants will be available.”

Also, if you or your child haven’t signed up for Utah’s Upland Game Slam, consider signing up. Bagging a limit of pheasants will complete the “Long Tail Limit” slam. You can learn more about Utah’s Upland Game Slam at

Birds released at 56 sites

On 13 of the 56 areas where pheasants will be released—12 waterfowl management areas and the Utah Lake Wetland Preserve—you must use nontoxic shot (for example, steel shot) when hunting. Lead shot may not be used.

If you hunt any of the areas where pheasants are released, Robinson encourages you to wear plenty of hunter orange. “Wearing hunter orange is extremely important,” he says. “You want to make sure other hunters can see you.”

By the time the season ends on Dec. 4, more than 10,000 rooster pheasants, bought by the DWR and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, will have been released in Utah.

More information

If you have questions about hunting pheasants in Utah, call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office or the DWR’s Salt Lake City office at 801-538-4700.

Information is also available in the 2016 – 2017 Utah Upland Game & Turkey Guidebook. The free guidebook is available at

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