Picked to Plate: Lighthouse High Grows Own Veggies


Lighthouse High Principal Karlene Bianco started a vegetable program to teach students about seed and soil varieties as well as to introduce the many different types of veggies that students may or may not see at home. She started with varieties of lettuce greens and beans and allowed the students to try foods that sparked their interest.

Now, the students use the “biodome” at the school to grow vegetables that are included in their school lunch. Students are responsible to prep the soil, plant seeds, water and maintain the plants. They then harvest and eat the fruits of their labor.

“They are growing the vegetables that meet the USDA orange/red and the dark green requirements along with many other veggies the students enjoy. It gives them a sense of pride to grow and eat their own food. It’s a life skill and we are so proud to incorporate their produce into school lunch,” Carbon School District Child Nutrition Director Patti Rigby stated.

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