Pickleball Courts For Castle Dale City


By Julie Johansen

At the beginning of Castle Dale City Council meeting last week, a public hearing was opened for the purpose of hearing comments on the use of a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $30,000 to build pickleball courts. There were no public comments made but a few questions came from council members.

One inquiry was to clarify the amount of the cost estimate for the courts. The cost is $37,000 and an George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation grant in the amount of $5,000 has also been received by the city to help cover the cost. Mayor Danny Van Wagoner explained that the remainder could be made up with in-kind services.

Another question asked was about the fencing of the courts. An illustration was given showing security fencing around the two courts and separating fences between the courts. There will also be lawn surrounding the courts with benches for onlookers.

It was also made known that the location of the courts had been changed. The courts were originally planned to be south of Dr. Todd Huntington’s office on the food court grass but have been moved to 100 South and 4th East on the west side of the street. One council person expressed concern of taking up parking spaces for the recreation center and also for truck and trailer parking at the arenas. The mayor reported that it would only be space for three or four trucks and trailers. A motion was made and the vote was in the positive, 4-1.

The next item on the agenda was also tied to the pickle ball courts. In order to receive an estimate from Rocky Mountain Power for services, a vote from the council was needed. This also passed 4-1.

Reports from council members and the mayor were brief. An RPP lease with the Bureau of Land Management on property along the Des Bee Dove Road was discussed. Also, the secondary water situation in the city was described and it was noted that the bench area would be turned on Monday, April 15. Other locations in the city, both irrigation and secondary water, will not be ready until the first of May.

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