Pickleball Project Taken to Price City Council


ETV 10 News stock photo

The pickleball controversy was first brought to attention at the Price City Council meeting two weeks ago. Joane Pappas White came before the council and presented some issues concerning the pickleball community using the tennis courts. She brought up the point that pickleball players had been putting down pickleball tape and leaving it on the courts. She continued to elaborate on how this seemed to mentally nag the tennis players with all the added lines.

White then added that there should be a pickleball court built in the area as to not exclude anyone form the pickleball community, but they needed a quick yes or no because of the time and weather. At the time that this was brought up, there wasn’t enough information for the council to finalize anything and they decided to have a follow-up meeting and then bring the information back to Price City Council meeting on Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening, two members of the tennis community came to the council to express their gratitude for listening to them at their previous meeting. They then presented a few new ideas that they had thought of between the follow-up meeting and the council meeting, such as places to build, how to get better funding and ways to cut spending too much money.

During the council meeting, the Price City Council told the tennis and pickleball communities that this will “stay on the table” but there isn’t enough time to do any immediate construction. The council has an initial idea that the pickleball courts could be up or be in the process of being built around May of 2019.

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