Pineau’s Tumblers Return with Big Wins


Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team returned home from a competition at Delta High School on March 1. Participants competed in three categories including power tumbling, double mini trampoline and trampoline. The following athletes placed at the tournament:

Kobe Cruz and Granger West both placed first in all three events.
Rakayla Rich, Sienna Howell and Kelli Rahaula placed first, first and third.
Allison Wright finished in first, first and second place.
Jordyn Oman, Shalyce Rahaula and Kashley Rhodes finished with first, second and third place wins.
Ella Anderson placed second, second and third.
Jenna Birch finished in second, third and third place.
Landon Cruz walked away with second, third and fifth place finishes.

These competitors are coached by Pineau Nielsen and Sandra Rahaula.

(Pictured are Kobe and Landon Cruz.)


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