Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team Competes in Salina, Huntington


Pictured left to right: Audacee Eden, Kambry Iriart and MacKenna Payton.

Press Release

Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team competed recently in Salina and Huntington.

Earning awards in Salina were:
Rickelle Collins 112
Tylee Jensen 114
Brittaney Longmore 123
Naomi Mathis 124
Audacee Eden 157
MacKenna Payton 223
Indie Pikyavit 235

Earning medals in Huntington were:
Rickelle Collins 124
Tylee Jensen 112
Naomi Mathis 112
Audacee Eden 334
MacKenna Payton 335
Indie Pikyavit 246
Faithlynne McBride 112
Mevaeh Whiting 112
Kambry Iriart 136

Thank you to our Helper Sponsor Ray and Anne Jespersen.

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