Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline and Carbon Rec Teams Compete at Huntington Event


Press Release

Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team recently took part in the Huntington tumbling competition.

These are the places the students took on trampoline, double mini trampoline and power tumbling:
Lexi Rauhala, Sienna Alderson, Hallie Frandsen and Kobe Cruz took first in all three events.
Taking two first place medals and one second place medal were TC Flemett, Jace Frandsen and Stevie Oman.
Haylie Powell and Brailie Peterson both earned two first place medals and one third place medal.
Placing first, second and third were Emma Shumway, Abigail Flemett, Landon Cruz and Sage Vea.
Jordan Bell finished with a first, second, and fourth place medal.
Lainee Vasquez earned first, second and fifth place.
Maisie Iverson ended the day in first, third and fifth.
Bryce Denton and Kellie Rauhala each earned three second place finishes.
Josie Vea took second in two competitions and third in another.
Allison Wright and Shalyce Rauhala finished in second, third and fourth.
Also taking three awards were Jenna Birch, Kadence Vea, Kashley Rhodes, Jean Larsen and Keira Davis.

Competing for Carbon County Recreation were:
Garbrielle Alls with two first place medals.
Macey Jensen finishing with a first and a third place medal.
Lizzy Carpenter finishing in first and fourth.
Brooklynn Seal with a first and a second place medal.
Brooklynn Martinez finishing with a second and fifth place medal.

These competitors are coached by Pineau Nielsen, Sierry Jensen and Sandra Rauhala. Judges from the local area were Jordyn Oman, Canessa Montoya and Rakayla Rich.

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