Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team Hosts First Invitational Meet of the Season


Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline team hosted its first invitational meet of the season in November. Competitors at the event did well, many finishing in the top three of their category.

Results from the event are as follows:

First Place Finishes:
Weston Holmes
Hallie Frandson
Shelby White
Jace Frandson
Brailie Peterson
Jaci Noleroth

Second Place Finishes:
Oliver Steele
Lecia Gurule
Keira Davis
Will Jeffs
Kaydence Zorn
Ella Anderson
Jenna Birch
Tyler Frandson
Haylie Powell
Sienna Howell
Bryce Denton

Third Place Finishes:
Nessah Gurule
Emma Shumway
Maggie Jeffs
Zoe Trujillo
Jordan Bell
Kashley Rhodes
Stevie Oman

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